Planning to participate in a trade show, but uncertain how to ensure your banners are a success? You will need to rely on the skills of an experienced graphic designer to feature your brand to maximum effect. Read on for tips on how to work with a graphic designer that can make your next portable displays a great success.

Portable displays are a wonderful way for your business to get noticed at the next expo, conference, or trade show. But in order to be a success, it is crucial that you work with an experienced, trained graphic designer who understands the most important part of your exhibit: your brand. She should also know how to work with the unique materials and different dimensions of trade show booth displays. For example, banners can range in dimension from rectangular to contoured, including feather and raindrop shapes  and all pose challenges to the designer. If you are investing a significant amount of resources to participate in an expo, don't skimp on the cost of a professional. 

Graphic Design

The Brief

Shape, Dimension, And Presentation (Secret Challenge: Trade Show Stands)

Make sure the graphic designer you work with on your next portable display is comfortable working large. Banners, 3-D displays, and the other unconventional, larger-than-your-average-brochure items are typical for trade show stands. Your graphic designer must be able to visually scale your design (and most importantly, your logo) appropriately. She will also need to be skilled at adapting designs to suit the dimensions of the display surface. If you’ve chosen a rounded flag, for example, that will pose a unique challenge when laying out the design. Finally, trade show stands become, in a sense, a part of the entire presentation and therefore must be considered when working on the design layout. Without advance consideration, the stand may interrupt the image, covering up or obscuring important contact information, or otherwise interfering with the presentation of your portable display.

 Reduce Clutter And Maximize Impact Of Portable Displays

A good graphic designer will be able to advise you on how to best feature your brand. It is your greatest asset, and the most important element in any marketing campaign, from a simple business card to a banner suspended from ceiling-mounted banner stands. Sometimes a client may approach a designer with several ideas they want incorporated in their banner stands; an experienced professional will advise against the idea, and suggest clean lines, de-cluttering the space, and emphasis on your main goal: to get people to look at your banner stands, and remember your brand. 

It Really Is All About Your Brand

The importance of your brand really can’t be emphasized enough, and bears repeating in this article. Hire a graphic designer that understands your brand. She should ask questions about it in your first meeting, and her sole aim should be to find ways to draw attention to your brand, feature it, and get people to remember it. Using the space well without compromising the effectiveness of the design, working with the elements of design to draw attention to your logo, and taking the time to learn about how the entire presentation will be impacted by trade show stands all bode well for the overall impact of your display. 

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